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About Us

In 2020 local food lovers from Botanical Hotel set out to bring smiles to home tables. The chefs got to work on preparing the most sophisticated and satisfying ready-made meals. All tried and tested by the community.

When you choose South Yarra Deli, you are part of the story — from culinary culture, to redefining Australia’s hospitality industry. It feels good because it does good.

And of course, it is good. Our renowned kitchen combines restaurant experience, quality produce and flavour to reach maximum deliciousness with the minimum of effort for you. So let us take care of it, because you deserve it.


How should I store the meals?
  • Store South Yarra Deli in the fridge at or below 4 degrees celsius.
  • Use within three days after opening
  • Adhere to the best before date on the container

* Do not consume if seal or tray is not intact or damaged or inflated film. If so return to place of purchase.

How do I prepare the meals?
  • Remove the sleeve and break the seal of plastic film on the container
  • Place in microwave as per instructions
  • Leave to rest for one minute
  • Enjoy!
What is HCP?

After signing up via the ‘HCP’ link above, you are able to process a quote for NDIS & HCP funded meals. Once approved by your Plan Manager, you will only be required to pay for 30% of the cost of the meals and we collect the remaining amount from the Plan Manager.